7th January 2018

Dealing with grief – restless nights

Mum’s been living in a garage in the boot of a car, watching chick flicks on DVD for the past two years. I ask her, exasperated, when this is going to end. When she’s going to come back and let people know she’s alive, ‘there are a lot of people who miss you.’ ‘I need… Read more

19th November 2017

The many reasons why I love lists.

I really like lists. Any of my friends reading this blog post are more than likely rolling their eyes and thinking, ‘I can’t believe she’s chosen to write an entire blog post about them’. Lists are my order in the chaos of life, they give me pace, control and satisfaction. They are essentially how I… Read more

6th November 2017

DIVA Literary Festival

There have been four or five times this year when I’ve paused, looked around the room and thought, ‘this is really special’. I’ve sat with fifty minority writers, a pile of admirable authors and staff at Penguin Random House discussing how to improve diversity in publishing. I’ve scribbled away in a workshop of LGBTQ+ writers… Read more

21st October 2017

Dealing with Grief – anniversaries

Anniversaries are hard. They build in the back of your mind in a way that makes the world feel different. More delicately balanced, as though you could touch it with a pin and it would erupt into memories: flashbacks of early-morning coffees; familiar drives; fantastic conversation. Life becomes a blur of the old and the… Read more

19th August 2017

Dealing with grief

Nobody really prepares you for grief. Especially when you’re in a situation that moves so quickly.

19th February 2017

Write Now Live – Manchester

This February I had the honour of attending Write Now Live, an initiative by Penguin to find, mentor and publish new writers from under-represented communities (BAME, LGBTQ etc).