29th September 2015

Bridging The Gap

The Gap is an organisation in Manchester that’s aiming to bridge the gap between Fringe theatre and theatre at venues such as HOME and The Royal Exchange Theatre.

5th September 2015

Edinburgh: walking, whisky and whimsy

I had not been to Edinburgh before last weekend. I feel like that’s sacrilegious for someone who studied drama for three years – but there you go. Last weekend was my first introduction to a whole pile of things: Scotland, whisky, trying to stay up for about a million hours to catch a late night Fringe… Read more

18th December 2014

The Coalman

This year I’ve decided to do something special for Christmas and raise money for the homeless charity, Barnabus. Barnabus are having one of their most challenging winters ever, and it’s vital that we support them as they look after the homeless in Manchester. The charity gives time for 600 homeless and vulnerable people each week, and… Read more

14th December 2014

The hype surrounding popular fiction.

I’ve not been on the popular book hype for quite a few years now. I think the last time I jumped on it was back in the days of Twilight, when I garnered an addiction and read all of them during school, after school, at night, early in the morning etc. I finally got to the end of the series, stared at them on my bookshelf and though, ‘oh – they were actually all pretty rubbish’.

7th December 2014

Finding the time to write

Originally, I was going to call this post ‘writing with a full time job’. I quickly realised that having a full time job isn’t why I don’t have time to write. There are about a million reasons. Unlike when I was a teenager – food never appears on its own, clothes don’t get washed, sometimes there are extra bits… Read more

30th November 2014

Writing a 50,000 word novel in a month.

I haven’t seen many people this month. I’ve barely even seen myself because instead of looking in the mirror I’ve been looking at the computer screen and trying – trying so hard – to write a 50,000 word novel.