30th November 2014

Writing a 50,000 word novel in a month.

I haven’t seen many people this month. I’ve barely even seen myself because instead of looking in the mirror I’ve been looking at the computer screen and trying – trying so hard – to write a 50,000 word novel.

National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo as the trendy cats call it) takes place every November. It’s pretty much what it says on the tin – except the advantage of taking part is that you get support from a fantastic community as you write your novel.

I decided to take part this year for a few reasons. The main one being that I’ve fallen out of the habit of writing everyday. After having an insanely busy year I’ve stopped putting the time aside to write (although I am getting better). I thought that writing a novel in a month would throw me back into the habit of writing – and it really did.

The book I’ve written is about a knitting factory, and a murder involving wool and knitting needles. Trying to explain that to people has got me quite a few strange looks. It’s also not been the best writing month – what with getting the flu and so forth.

The main lessons I’ve learnt are as follows:

1. 1000 words a day is easy enough but more than that can be near torture.

2. Trains are the best place to write as there’s noone to distract you.

3. 50,000 words very quickly takes the place of a social life.

I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot. I’m proud of myself and ready for my next venture (a christmas story, which I’ll be featuring on this blog in a few weeks). In the mean time, thank you to anyone who has supported me and put up with my weird excuses all month. You’ll be pleased to know that my calendar for December is much emptier.

To anyone else who has participated this year, well done. That was quite the November.

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